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September 2021 2 months ago

Hi Everyone, today I bring you the first Hysteria only month review! If you want to see stats for Selfyy Community Discord, you can join that by clicking on this message. (I'm doing something special for 100 Members on there!)


Here are the stats for the month!


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Good Morning, as many of you have requested a full changelog of Season 2, you can find it below! This guide won't go into detail, you can check the Wiki for the detail (Will be updated today). Here it is!



  • New Prestiging System
  • Full Crate Revamp...

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All images can be seen here:

Hello All, today, I am very pleased to announce that Hysteria Prisons Season 2 will release on Saturday September 25th at 7PM BST! This season will be very different to Season 1, and will include a lot more features! See below for an in-depth look at all of the big features, and then below for a list of the honourable mentions.


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August 2021 3 months ago

August 2021 - How'd it go?

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July 2021 4 months ago

Welcome back to this insane monthly update! Especially insane for the Shorts channel!


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